Lufthansa Celebrates Oktoberfest With Stylish New Uniforms

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Just in time for the Oktoberfest in Munich, Lufthansa’s Trachten, their crew is getting ready for takeoff. This year, the world’s largest crew in folk costume will take off in Lufthansa’s flagship Airbus A380 for the first time.

A total of 21 Lufthansa flight attendants will be trading their uniforms for traditional Bavarian garb. The first Lufthansa ‘Trachten’ flight took off from Munich on 23 September and headed to Beijing while the next flight on 3 October will be from Munich to Los Angeles.

In addition to this, crews on a selection of European routes will also be taking off in traditional costume. The traditional costumes worn by Lufthansa’s long-haul crew were designed by Angermaier, a Munich-based specialist for traditional Bavarian clothing. The dirndls of the female flight attendants are dark blue with silver-gray aprons, while the men will be wearing short lederhosen with dark blue vests made of the same material as the dirndls. Munich’s Lufthansa lounges are also prepared for the Oktoberfest, serving over 4,000 kilograms of Leberkäs, 38,000 pretzels and 750 kilograms of Weißwurst sausages.

My favourite all-time flight attendant has a rather uninspiring uniform but he undoubtedly draws in custom for Westjet. This incredible guy should be on stage…

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