Chaos At Chicago Airport As American Airlines Cart Goes Crazy


There was utter chaos at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Monday following a frightening incident. An airport catering cart, being used to deliver food to airlines including American Airlines, went completely out of control. You have to see it to believe it!

Luckily, an American Airlines employee came to the rescue and saved the day with some quick thinking and driving skills.

The video shows the cart’s crazy circular ride on the tarmac. It’s like something out of a comedy sketch. As the cart continues to spin, it gets closer to the nose of a nearby plane, but in the nick of time, an American Airlines employee drives another vehicle into the mental cart, causing both to crash and saving the plane and nearby employees from severe injury and damage. 18 Million people have enjoyed watching this airline food take its deranged journey.

This isn’t the first time a cart has caused damage. Usually catering carts cause damage on board as a result of turbulence like this disaster on Delta, not before the cart actually boards the plane.

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