An Insane Move By American Airlines


One always likes to assume that authority figures and those that run companies know what they’re doing and spend company funds sensible. Of course, this isn’t always true and the latest investment by American Airlines is considered by some to be completely insane.

It seems that they are in such a rush to refit their Boeing 737-800 cabins with a more densified design (from 160 seats to up to 172 seats), that they are currently refitting and will then be re-refitting these cabins once again next year.

According to View From The Wing:
“Their Boeing 737-800 ship 3GS has already been in for retrofit. Ship 3GT is at Greesnboro for Oasis retrofit now, having flown there on Thursday. It’s expected to return to service on October 17. They’re putting in first-class seats they’re going to rip out again in a year.”

“What’s more the ‘fixes’ to first-class don’t appear to have been certified yet. That means American is spending money to put the problematic seats in, only to have to rip them out spending money to replace them again later. That’s almost the definition of insanity.”

While customers may like bigger overhead bins, they hate the new, less padded seats that are stuffed closer in together. In fact, these seats are described by some as ” excruciating”. Other highlights of the new cabin design include no seatback TV screens and smaller bathrooms.

If you’ve flown American in First and have been disappointed, you might be wise to spend your dollars at the other end instead, on a great deal at a luxury hotel.

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