Revealed: The Dirtiest Airline Water


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Travelers have been warned that they shouldn’t even wash their hands on some airlines because the water quality could be so unhealthy, a study released last month has advised.

The New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College studied airline tank water and found it severely lacking. According to View from the Wing, American Airlines regional subsidiary Piedmont had the best water in the ranking, while Republic, which flies regional jets for American, Delta, and United, scored worst.

Frighteningly, Charles Platkin, director of the Food Policy Center, wrote in a post on the study. “Do not wash your hands in the bathroom… Bring hand sanitizer with you instead.”

Why Should We Care?

“If you wash your hands in what could potentially be unsafe water, it sort of negates the whole process of actually washing your hands,” Platkin said, according to HuffPost. “You could be spreading E. coli all over… Sure, it’s not likely, but why should you take any chance?”

While Emirates offers showers in the sky, the revolting picture above shows the sink in the Business Class toilet on my British Airways flight earlier this year. I didn’t want to wash my hands in this sink even before I’d read this water quality study.

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