American Airline CEO Says Customers Don’t Care About Plane Interiors


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Maury Gallagher, commercial airline entrepreneur and current CEO and Chairman of Allegiant Air, headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas, America, is known as the most quotable U.S. airline executive.

He recently claimed that customers don’t care about airports and the interiors of planes. The frequent flyer in me strongly disagrees. There are two sorts of airline passenger.

The passenger who feels that price is everything. Many of these fly on Ryanair in Europe. These passengers are unwilling to pay for a better airport experience or for a superior cabin product. But even these passengers expect, or at least hope for, clean airports and comfortable planes.

This is why Southwest is such a popular airline. They are competitively priced and their staff seem to care plus they take reasonable care of baggage, which is often free.

Then there are passengers like myself, frequent flyers who will go out of their way to book a flight on airlines they trust with service they enjoy and with cabins that are nice. These passengers WILL pay extra for nice experiences at the airport like airport lounges and for a better in-air experience.

We all like a brilliant travel bargain but this airline CEO should not tar all airline passengers with the same brush. Perhaps he should speak to afew of us in person before making such blanket statements?

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