Why Some Passengers Hate American Airlines


Hate is a strong word, but with delays and downgrades in product and service levels, some passengers now hate American Airlines.

Last month, American Airlines produced a report for employees that outlined the airline’s progress in 2019. Aside from the airline’s operational problems this year, customer “likelihood to recommend” scores have fallen.

Why Has This Happened?

Overall, American has reduced the distance between seats in Coach, in Main Cabin Extra, and First Class.
American is fitting thinner seats with less padding, making their flights less comfortable.
American has launched new smaller lavatories which some describe as the “most miserable experience in the world
American Airlines domestic flights do not offer seatback video screens, unlike competitor Delta.
And we have already revealed a horrific secret about American Airlines food.

Many experts now refuse to fly American Airlines. We have tested which airline has the best food, American vs. United vs. Delta in case this is a dealbreaker on your next trip. All three offer adequate food unlike the airline that serves up cockroaches onboard

Right now, AA in Economy Class is fairly bad, but unless they make the effort and add seat back entertainment and reverse their densification, it will get worse, and these customer “likelihood to recommend” scores will continue to decline.

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