Would You Trust A $9 An hr Engineer With The Safety Of Your Family?

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Yet another problem with the B737 Max plane came to light this week. Apparently, the auto-pilot isn’t properly disengaging in emergencies. Boeing used to be a company renowned for meticulous design. What happened? These software mistakes should have been fixed before the plane started flying passengers.

According to Bloomberg, Boeing engineers say the effort was complicated by their use of temporary workers who were paid as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, many in India.

This is just some of what has been reported in the media:
Boeing outsourced some of the engineering and development to $9 engineers in India.
Boeing also outsourced some of the development of parts.
The auto-pilot isn’t properly disengaging in emergencies.
The sensor controlling new MCAS was faulty.
Boeing charged extra for the complete warning package for the 737 Max.
And more..

The Result?

346 deaths in two crashes.

Boeing has been pushing to get their plane back into the air, but, given the evidence, would you trust a $9 engineer to keep your plane in the air. Would you book your loved ones on a 737MAX?

Doug Parker told the airline’s employees he’d be on the first of these Boeing planes when they take to the air once again. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz told media he’d take the first flight too. While Doug Parker’s investments may be a stroke of genius, I will not be following him and boarding the 737MAX.

With British Airways looking like they will be flying this doomed plane I am considering easyjet as a better way to fly around Europe. I have lost confidence in the B737 MAX. I want to be sure that my family will stay alive and get to their destination.

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