Battery Blows Up This Week But American Airlines Has A Plan


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Backup batteries and external chargers are common carry-on items for many travelers. But this week, a battery pack like these blew up on a Virgin Atlantic flight from New York’s JFK airport to London’s Heathrow, causing a fire onboard according to The Guardian. We reported a similarly explosive battery fire on British Airways earlier this year, so these fires are more common than you would think.

Thankfully the crew put the fire out and the plane landed safely. You will be pleased to hear that, just last week, American Airlines revealed their plan to deal with onboard fines.

American Airlines now boards fire containment bags and heat resistant gloves on all of their aircraft. That way when electronic devices catch fire they can deal with it (HT: View From The Wing).

I am a born worrier and worry about so much when I travel that it gives me a headache. I worry about getting the best deal on my flight and hotel, I worry about crazy people at the airport and I can’t even describe the mental anguish I would feel if you B737 MAX rolled up to my boarding gate! Up to now, I had not worried about onboard fires, so that’s another one to add to my list…

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