Bad News For Passengers: Why American Airlines Was In Court


Passengers should know that American Airlines took their mechanics to court this week.

Why? American Airlines is merging with US Airways. Each airline’s mechanics are separately represented by their own union and the two unions are arguing with AA for different things.

While American has promised current workers jobs and raises, most of their mechanics are 50+ so they want to outsource more in the future. Negotiations have ground to a halt and in May bloody battles were predicted.

Why Do I Care?

It is the maintenance issues that have resulted in increased delays and cancellations for passengers.

So Why Court?

American got a federal mediator involved last Autumn. Now it has gone to court to sue the mechanic’s unions, arguing that the Transportation Workers Union (previously American) and the International Association of Machinists (previously US Airways) have been engaged in an illegal job action meant to slow down the airline.

American have form in this area having successfully sued its pilots union 20 years ago over a work-to-rule action, so it is possible that the mechanics will lose out on a great deal and that passengers are left with even more cancellations and delays in the short term.

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