You’re Fired! Pilots Lose Their Jobs As Airlines Lose Faith In The B737 MAX

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While some American Airlines are pushing forward with the scheduling of B737 MAX routes by the end of the summer, other airlines seem to be losing faith in the B737 MAX.

Iceland Air has fired a number of its B737 MAX pilots. In total 45 Boeing 737 MAX pilots have been let go, 21 that had been flying the aircraft and 24 that were training to fly the MAX. The airline announced the dismissals at a training session with a group of pilots.

While this decision may be the result of a combination of factors, including seasonal over staffing, this shows a shocking lack of faith in the future of this aircraft.

Back in America, Doug Parker told American Airline’s employees he’d be on the first of these Boeing planes when they take to the air once again as well as recently buying up a chunk of American Airlines shares which showcases his faith him his company. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz told media he’d take the first flight too. But passengers remain concerned that a B737 MAX might roll up to their departure gate. Many passengers don’t trust the FAA and don’t want to be faced with the question, should I get on?

If you don’t want to risk flying on a B737 MAX, it may be wise to avoid flying American for the summer. Southwest says they won’t charge passengers to change their flights to avoid the MAX once it goes back into service, so they look a pretty safe bet. Delta doesn’t fly any B737 MAX planes.

Of course, if you are flying with American, there are plenty of other things to worry about, like, whether your First Class inflight meal contains raw chicken. In all fairness, other airlines offer foul inflight meals too. The Emirates inflight sandwich is a particularly bad joke.

We have compared the best American Airline food, United Vs American Vs Delta so you can make a more educated decision when you are choosing who to fly with next.

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