Where to Find Your Mediterranean Island Paradise


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The Mediterranean Sea is absolutely awash with the kind of paradise in island form that will make you wonder why people bother flying halfway across the world to Bali to encounter the very same experience. With so many different islands to choose from in Europe, it can in fact be difficult to decide upon just one that’ll be your base of operations for your summer holiday. The below article will attempt to guide your eye towards the finest of the island offerings within the Mediterranean – a place you can enjoy full relaxation in a place that feels a lot like paradise.

Consider the Vibes

What kind of vibes are you going to be looking for on your particular island? This is important because some islands in Europe have been devoted largely to partying and drinking, which might not be your thing at all. Other islands are decidedly more family-focused, while others still are simply laid-back and relaxing.

When scouring through islands in the Mediterranean, bear in mind that the clientele of the island – that is, the other tourists you’ll be holidaying alongside – will come to dictate how you feel about your trip in general. Avoid the noise and stress if you can, by finding yourself a part of an island that’s peaceful and serene.

Where to Stay

All islands have resorts, but if you’re looking for paradise, it’s not likely to be found at the buffet breakfast in a large tourist hotel. Instead, you should keep an eye out for some of the finest, most opulent and luxury villas on the islands of Europe, where you can enjoy deepest solitude and silence far away from the crowds, the noise and those people who leave beach towels on the sunbeds.

Balearic Island Holidays can help direct you to Spain’s islands, and their rich offerings of peaceful holiday abodes. These islands, in particular, have been built on gently for decades in order to assemble some fine examples of the ideal island holiday rental villa in the whole of the world. Do your research to find the very best place to stay to help curate your own paradise.

Cultural Delights

All islands have beaches and that quiet, traffic-free feel that you’ve been craving after long winter months slogging away in your home city. However, the deal-breaker for you, in terms of choosing an island to visit for your holidays, might well be the culture that you’ll be immersed in for the duration of your time abroad.

Islands vary depending on the country they’re owned by. For instance, a Spanish island is going to serve you incredible tapas dishes, with Spanish wine served by Spanish-speaking waiters. Greek islands will give you a taste of modern Greek cuisine and ancient Greek ruins, while the islands off Italy will give you a feeling of Italian rustic passion, matched by the incredible traditional food you’ll be served there. Whether it’s sights or cuisine that’ll be your deal-breaker, make sure the island you’re going to serves all your appetites before booking your trip.

This article aims to help you find the ideal island holiday in the Mediterranean this summer holiday.

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