Outraged! American Airline Bloggers Shocked By Flight Upgrade Tip


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There are apparently just two words that you need to know to score a flight upgrade.

And yet, the articles promoting these two magical words have been causing outrage within the frequent flyer travel community. Those who are outraged consider themselves frequent flyer authors or airline and travel bloggers. These experts are scoffing at this crazy advice and are fed up with these ridiculous stories.

Bottom line

The two words “revenue management” will not get you a free flight upgrade. View from the Wing eloquently comments on this ridiculous idea, suggesting that most of these ideas are more likely to make you look like an idiot than get you a free flight upgrade.

One such idea is to buy gifts for the airline staff which, some say, works a treat in snagging an upgrade worth thousands of dollars.

A funnier idea is outlined here: “Present the pilot with a good, dependable work mule: Everyone loves a gift. If you give the pilot the gift of a strong, healthy work mule as you board the aircraft, it is customary for the pilot to immediately bump you up to first class.”

From my experience, there ARE a number of ways to fly in Business and First for free:

  • Collect hundreds of thousands of air miles and to use these to pay for your flight in Business or First. Be aware that you may incur steep taxes and fees that you must pay for in cash using this method and make sure you use our travel secret to book your hotel at the other end
  • Fly so frequently that you earn the highest frequent flyer status with your favorite airline, which in turn increases your chances of a free upgrade (of course, even then, there are no guarantees, and if you fly that regularly, you are probably less bothered about getting your upgrade)
  • Make enough money so that you can pay for your tickets. How? Doug Parker of American Airlines thinks investing in American Airlines is the way to make more millions

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