How To Find Cheap Repositioning Cruises From $36 Per Night!


Cruising can be an expensive business, but what if I told you that you could pick up a cruise for as little as $36 USD per person per night?

There’s no catch, except that you have to be flexible with your dates and your destinations. You need to pick a “repositioning cruise” which is a heavily discounted cruise taking the ship from one destination to another because the weather and seasons are changing.

These relocation cruises might happen from the Caribbean to Europe or vice versa, or perhaps from the arctic down to warmer seas. The downside of these cruises is that you will need to buy yourself a cheap flight home because these cruises are usually only one way instead of a roundtrip.

Another way to pick up a cheap cruise is to cruise at the very last minute. We have picked the best cruises in the Galapagos island so you know which one to pick in this unusual destination and we have also compared Cunard vs. P&O so you can make an informed decision on which liner you want to travel on.

We have also outlined the best way to get a discount on your next cruise separately. Our plan will help you get a discount, extra cruise credits, more invites to captain’s cocktails, or free offshore excursions on P&O, Cunard, or on any other luxury cruise liner.

Best Sites For Cheap Repositioning Cruises

CruiseDirect: See their Deals Page pictured above with a huge number of deals and you can sort with a filter to show the cheapest first.

VacationsToGo: You must select “repositioning cruise” under “choose a region” and again sort by price. TravelIsFree found a 49 night cruise for $5,689 USD from London to New Zealand! Wow, this site is definitely worth a search around.

This crazily cheap 49 night cruise goes down Europe, to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, through French Polynesia and the Pacific, to New Zealand.

Costa Cruises: Offers some really cheap cruise deals and the deals are even better on their French site.

You can also google “Repositioning Cruises” with your favorite Cruise Line, and you will usually find their “deals” page. Remember that just because a cruise is cheap doesn’t mean it’s good, and repositioning cruises sometimes lack stops, so you are stuck on board. But if you’re looking for a bargain, they may just be the way to go.

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