Horrific Secret About American Airlines Food

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This week, I found out something pretty horrific about American Airlines onboard food. Its main dishes can apparently be really old, according to a recent flyer and a popular travel blog. While I actively seek out ridiculous travel bargains online, American Airline’s cost-cutting to deliver this reportedly “old food” to passengers may be a step too far in terms of saving money.

American has already won the accolade of offering one passenger one of the worst airline meals in the world, which was slightly more revolting than this cockroach meal.

American Airlines is reportedly reducing the variety of their special meals and freezing them up to a year in advance. @sjaytx was apparently served a vegetarian meal in Economy on a flight between Dallas Fort-Worth to London Heathrow on June 1. The food that was presented to him had reportedly been made in February 2018, 1 year and 4 months before his flight.

He was told by airline staff that the date was not the expiration date of the meal, but bearing in mind the age of the meal he had chosen, he decided to go for the regular pasta instead.

Travel expert View from the Wing did research on this subject and reportedly discovered that United will serve meals up to 6 months after they’ve been prepared, Delta 12 months, and American, up to 18 months.

View from the Wing’s reported “food age” statistics suggest that American is not going to waste a penny when bulk producing food and will hold onto it for months longer than most of us would consider acceptable if we were freezing food at home. Allegedly, anything less than 18-months old is considered good enough to be served up.

Of course, American’s strategy of cost-cutting will lose some of its most valuable customers. Many bloggers refuse to fly American Airlines. We have tested which airline has the best food, American vs. United vs. Delta in case this is a dealbreaker on your next trip.

I have pictured my Premium Economy main meal on my recent British Airways transatlantic flight above. It looked like it had been pre-frozen, but I could not find a “made by date” on the packaging…

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