Horrific: Delta Passenger Left Distraught After Luggage Destruction

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This week, a passenger on Delta was horrified when the airline destroyed ‘priceless handmade family Native American heirlooms’ which were packed inside her hold luggage.

@Tigerlily007 posted tweets on Thursday claiming Delta forced her sister to check her carry on bag and then shredded it.

Items in her suitcase which were damaged included ‘fully beaded moccasins’ and a belt and a top that had been passed down in her family. While she had valued the items at $3,500 CAD, the airline representative noted that she was unable to provide ‘a receipt’. They added that instead of denying the claim and because the items were dated, they would only reimburse her $704.99 CAD (approximately $530 USD).

The battle continues, but it does remind me about the lengths airlines and insurance companies sometimes go to to avoid paying out on a genuine claim. I personally spent around 6 months arguing with my insurance company to cover an iPhone that was damaged on holiday. I couldn’t do without an iPhone for this lengthy 6-month argument, so I was eventually forced to buy a new one. When they finally paid up, they insisted I get my original phone repaired, which would have been great, if it hadn’t taken them so long to come to a decision.

I am not a lawyer and don’t know whether a court would have considered my treatment fair, but I ended up around £600 GBP out of pocket. If you have ever tried to trade in an iPhone for cash, you will understand that any attempt to try and cover the cost a new phone by trading in an old one (the one that was eventually fixed), is futile, as the numbers never add up. It’s exasperating.

I don’t know the value of this woman’s heirlooms, so I can’t comment on this particular case, but so often, the person suffering a genuine loss will not receive fair compensation when trying to claim from a big corporation. I wish her luck.

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