Brutal Attack On Delta That Changed This American Airline

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A brutal attack on Delta forced the airline to rethink its policy. Although Delta usually tends to get fairly good press coverage, this week Delta made a passenger cry by destroying a treasured family heirloom.

But the brutal attack I am referring to actually happened in 2017, when a Delta passenger was mauled by an emotional support dog which had been allowed in the airline cabin. The terrible bite marks on the man’s face can be seen in this Daily Mail article.

Apparently, following Mr Jackson’s attack, there was so much blood on the seats that an entire row had to be removed from the plane.

Delta has consequently changed its policy on vetting animals before they board. Delta has tightened its policies on emotional support animals by requiring a ‘confirmation of animal training’ form as well as other official documentation. The airline has also banned pit bulls and animals under four months of age as service or support animals.

Most Delta flights fly without incident, but earlier in the year there was a distressing report of extreme turbulence on Delta leading to mayhem in the cabin. Could these minor falls from grace help to explain why top American Airlines executives have been buying up massive chunks of American Airline shares this week?

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