American Airlines Flight Attendant Reveals Truth About Business Class


At an employee question and answer session, last week, an American Airlines flight attendant was asked about her experience of an AA Business Class flight. This flight attendant had recently flown Business Class on both American and on Air France.

What Did She Think?

She said that the “comfort of the seat..the crew also” were outstanding on American. This may be because she flew Air France’s Boeing 777s. American’s B777 Business Class and Air France’ Business Class offer comparable seats. American’s First Class is even better! But this American Airlines flight attendant wasn’t happy overall.

Apparently, she had a super bad experience with American’s ground staff who were reportedly rude to her about how quickly she boarded with her bags and TWO emotional support dogs.

What Does This Tell Us?

For starters, American Airlines isn’t all bad, but it is very hard to gauge the brilliance of an airline, or lack of it, from one person’s opinion of one flight. The experience is so dependent on the staff, the plane type, the cabin class and luck. This passenger ran out of luck on one AA Domestic flight and would, undoubtedly have reported a very different experience to the flight attendant in question.

American Airlines is a very convenient airline for many major routes and flight prices are competitive, so often, there isn’t much of an alternative, even if you wanted it. If you do fly American, their crew can be hit and miss. United offers a similar Business Class which leaves Delta as the winner and the one to choose if you can.

The problem is that these cuts can make the airline profitable. American Airline’s CEO Doug Parker has so much faith in his cost-cutting strategy that he recently made some genius or insane purchases of large chunks of AA shares.

The Result?

Frequent travellers report that they are less loyal to American even though many still fly American due to a lack of choice. Regardless of their product, AA’s recent issues with delays and cancellations have continued to put people off. Add to this that American’s flight prices are slowly rising and you might want to consider driving and vacationing closer to home. Not such a bad idea as it will give you more $$ to spend on the best luxury hotels. Another option is to only book Business Class on miles, this way, the quality of your experience matters less.

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