7 Simple Steps To Make American Airlines Great Again


This is fascinating. According to many experts and frequent flyers, American Airlines has long been going downhill, densifying cabins and reportedly freezing their inflight food for up to 18 months which is such a shame. Its got so bad that some passengers now drive long-distance rather than fly American.

Much is blamed on CEO Doug Parker although he seems to have faith in his strategy-making genius or insane purchases of large chunks of AA shares.

I think the comment of one reader says it all about the current situation:

“The lack of focus on the customer experience has driven the whole industry downhill, Between increasingly cramped space, lack of seat-back entertainment, etc. etc, for the last year, we’ve been opting to drive vs. fly for regional trips. (US West Coast), and using other carriers for international. (EVA, Delta, others)”

One of my favourite travel bloggers has put together 7 simple steps to make American Airlines great again. I hope Doug reads View from the Wing and makes these crucial changes.

If he doesn’t, there is little reason for passengers to choose American over low-cost carriers like Norwegian Air when flying transatlantic. Why spend more on your flight to get less? You do far better splurging your dollars on a secret deal on a luxury hotel at your destination.

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