Which North American Airline Should You Avoid?


Some North American airlines are better than others. One North American airline offers a superb in-flight meal, one allows you to avoid flying their B737 MAX planes (when they take to the skies again) at no extra cost, one doesn’t have any B737 MAX planes to avoid and one is likely to suffer from major delays this summer!

Which Airlines Should You Avoid In The U.S.?

Fly Delta happily as they have no B737 MAX planes to avoid and tend to have more pleasant, happier flight attendants.
Southwest says they won’t charge passengers to change their flights to avoid the MAX once it goes back into service, so they look a pretty safe bet.

American Airlines looks likely to suffer from “absolutely vicious strike action” this summer so is one to avoid for now. They also have some B737 MAX planes you may want to avoid too.

United is not a great one to pick either as they have suffered from a series of bad news stories including the death of pets on board, planes being grounded due to computer problems, and a painfully slow rollout of their new Polaris product. Travel blogger Your Mileage May Vary has listed a number of additional reasons not to fly United.

How About The Rest Of The World?

It’s not all bad, there are far worse airlines than the main American based carriers. The airline that I avoid completely is Ryanair. In case you are swayed by their cheap prices, let me remind you of a few concerning headlines. For starters, in 2018, terrified passengers on one Ryanair flight started bleeding from their ears in a decompression incident. Earlier this month, the Mirror shared terrifying footage of Ryanair passengers taking down a man who allegedly threatened to kill everyone on board after trying to open the plane door. This week, the Express reported that a party were allowed to drink from a beer bong on a 6:00 am Ryanair flight to Spain. Wow. Would you care to fly with these passengers?

Last summer I flew a delayed and unpleasant Easyjet flight and I won’t be rushing back.

If you regularly read our blog (thank you!) you will also know that one of our reporters flew on the doomed Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX just before it crashed. He isn’t keen to book back onto Ethiopian either.

And for transatlantic, Norwegian used to be my go-to airline because of their great Premium Economy seats, but rumors of bankruptcy and a fleet partially made up from B737 MAX planes have put me off flying with them as well.

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