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When I think of Morocco I imagine colourful, vibrant and aromatic souks; delicious, mouth-watering cuisine and exquisite architecture in warm, rose pink tones. Morocco travel packages offer all of these things in abundance as well as so much more! Situated in the north, this magnificent, diverse country is the gateway to Africa. Home to four imperial cities, of which Marrakech is perhaps the most well known, Morocco is a rich blend of culture and history. Still sympathetic to their traditional roots, there is also an emerging modernism in some of the larger cities such as Casablanca, where they are looking to their future with glitzy new urban design.

Gorgeous beaches that run along Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts are popular with tourists for their soft sands, great facilities and watersports whilst inland, the epic Atlas mountain ranges with its vast gorges and valleys, lead to the breathtaking oases of the majestic Sahara desert.

A country of dizzying diversity, cultural influences are predominantly from Arabs and Berbers and the Moroccan people are known for their warmth and hospitality. So if you are seeking a little spice and adventure, Morocco is a must visit for you! And what better way to discover the charms that this country has to offer, than with an experienced guide. Memphis Tours offer a wide range of excursions tailored to meet the needs of our luxury travellers. To help you decide on your perfect Moroccan escape, we have put together some highlights which include the very best places to visit in Morocco, tours not to be missed during your time exploring this fascinating, friendly and simply captivating country.


Morocco’s ‘pearl of the south’ and former imperial capital, Marrakech is steeped in history and full to the brim with bazaars where you can while away a few hours taking in the sights and the smells of the colourful souks. Surrounded by ramparts, the winding streets of the medina are enchanting as are the many gardens, palaces and mosques. The red walls of the city and many of its buildings are constructed from red sandstone which have given the city its nickname of the ‘the red city’. Perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the medina, the Bahia Palace is an excellent example of the 19th century Moroccan architecture and is beautifully decorated with wood carvings and mosaic tiles. A few minutes walk from Bahia Palace is El Badi Palace; now a sandstone ruin, you can easily while away a couple of hours exploring the grounds and underground caverns. The gardens of Marrakech are spectacular and Majorelle Garden is no exception. A small, peaceful haven in the centre of the city, this garden is home to many exotic plants and rare species. And not forgetting Djemaa el Fnaa; by day a large square with a handful of entertainers but as the afternoon emerges, so too does the magic of Djemaa el Fnaa….. from snake charmers to acrobats, musicians to artists, this square is transformed into a unique hive of activity. With so much to experience, Marrakech is a lush oasis of vibrant colours, scents and scenery; a truly unforgettable spectacle that will see you returning time and time again.


Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and located in the central-western part of Morocco, Casablanca is the largest city in the region. This movie-famous port city is a blend of modern and traditional and is one of the most financially important cities in all of Africa. Visit the ancient medina with its imposing ramparts and savour the enchanting atmosphere of the maze of alleys with their numerous craft and trade shops. Also located in the city is the magnificent Hassan II Mosque, perched upon a cliff top with magnificent views across the ocean, it’s one of the world’s largest mosques with a 210-metre high minaret (the highest in the world), shining a beam towards Mecca in the evening hours. The Royal Palace of Casablanca is also worth a visit and whilst you won’t be able to enter the palace grounds, you will be able to admire the Islamic architecture and elaborate water features from the outside. After taking in some of the popular sites, why not along the 3km long Ain Diab Corniche Boulevard, stretching from the magnificent Hassan II mosque in the east to the landmark El-Hank Lighthouse in the west. A fashionable, buzzing district with an abundance of restaurants and bars, this becomes the central hub of Casablanca’s nightlife.


Nestled in the Rif Mountains, the pretty town of Chefchaouen or the ‘Blue Pearl’ of Morocco, is full of history and hidden gems. The Sephardi Jewish community that settled in Chefchaouen in the 15th century brought with them their tradition of painting the buildings blue as they believed that the colour mirrored that of the sky and divinity and so it reminded them of the presence of god. The Berbers continue the tradition and the local government even provide special paint brushes in an attempt to keep this charming Chefchaouen tradition alive. The medina in Chefchaouen is a relaxed affair and is the perfect place to have a wander and explore the narrow streets; stop for a refreshing mint tea and take time to soak up the unique culture that this charming destination has to offer. Meander up to the Spanish Mosque; its hilltop minaret offering a spectacular view of the sprawling town below, or for a small entry fee, you can visit The Kasbah; a heavily restored fortress which contains a picturesque garden and offers stunning views across the mosque and medina below.


This caramel coloured Moroccan town on the edge of the Sahara Desert, is nicknamed ‘The Door to the Desert’. The name Ouarzazate which comes from the Amazigh for ‘quiet place’ and is reflected in the sandy streets, palm trees and simple but stunning block-like buildings. Behind the quiet facade, however, there is a thriving ‘Little Hollywood’ with blockbuster movies such as Gladiator, The Mummy and not to mention the amazingly popular Game of Thrones, being filmed at the Atlas studios. For a taste of untouched Morocco, Tassoumaat Old District Medina is a unique district near the river bank; here you can get to know the local Berber people and witness the charming old mud-brick houses and see children playing in the streets and women baking bread. Outside the town, you will discover the amazing Sahara Desert and Ouarzazate is the perfect place to commence your trek across the vast sand dunes. Visit the local villages and Kasbahs and see the breathtaking Todra Gorge as you embrace the freedom and solitude of the largest hot desert in the world.

The Atlas Mountains

The snow-capped peaks, lush valleys and traditional Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains offer a welcome respite from the wonderful madness, heat and noise of the thriving city of Marrakech. Geographically situated at the divider between the Atlantic and the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains are a breathtaking sight to behold. The High Atlas Mountains are the most accessible and many believe these to be the most impressive however the mountain range comprises three parts, High Atlas, Middle Atlas and Anti Atlas and soar up to 4,167m at the snowy summit of Mount Toubkal. If you love to trek in the untouched wilderness with canyons and peaks that seem to stretch into the distance forever, then this is a must do for you. Easily accessible from Marrakech, the Ourika Valley is popular for gentle hikers and the seven waterfalls at Setti Fatma is a wondrous sight. Toubkal National Park is home to the impressive Jebel Toubkal which offers impressive panoramic views of the rugged terrain below.


With its stunning landscapes, beaches, magnificent cities and rich cultural heritage, Morocco will intrigue and astound you. The perfect place to lose yourself….and rediscover yourself, Morocco is a diverse country that will amaze and delight. Memphis Tours offer some of the very best Morocco travel packages and their personalised service will ensure you get the very best out of this amazing country, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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