Taco Bell’s Astonishing Decision Will Surprise All Its Customers


Taco Bell’s astonishing decision isn’t a new Taco or variety or Nacho Fries. Nope, their most recent decision will actually surprise you!

They have announced that they are opening a resort hotel in Palm Springs. Reservations will open in June, and guests can start checking in Aug. 9, 2019.

It’s meant for Taco Bell’s most regular customers, for its “18+ superfans”. and will have “exclusive Taco Bell menu items and plenty of surprises” and the resort will only last a short time.

So What Do You Get?

The Mexican fast-food chain’s new hotel will feature a gift shop with exclusive Taco Bell-themed apparel and an on-site salon with Taco Bell-inspired nail art and hair styling services.

They insist that this isn’t a publicity stunt. It “isn’t a stunt, but instead part of Taco Bell’s wider strategy of moving the brand beyond the traditional fast-food experience.” Said Taco Bell chief global brand officer Marisa Thalberg.

Taco Bell performs weddings in Las Vegas (more than 165 couples have been married there in the past two years). The brand has also teamed up with Forever 21 to sell clothes with its logo and imagery.

Now you can stay with them to experience, embrace and immerse yourself in every aspect of the Taco Bell lifestyle in their hotel. If you prefer something more luxury, we have selected the best hotels in LA, San Francisco, and Las Vegas with club lounges although we prefer to spend our vacations in luxury in Hawaii.

Photo: Taco Bell Facebook

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