Parental Horrors: Find Out How Bad Travel Gets With Kids


Why will these miserable travel experiences with kids delight you? Because I am about to share other people’s miserable travel experiences with their kids. You are not alone if your family is less than perfect.

I love traveling with my husband and my 8-year-old son and wouldn’t have it any other way. We have recently returned from a glorious 2-week ski trip where there was powder snow, infinity pools (see our incredible pictures on Instagram!) looking out over mountain ranges, unlimited with glorious food (including 20 flavors of ice cream with smarties to choose from) and one of the hotels even had a water slide which our boy loved.

The skiing was glorious, everything was glorious, but when I got home and asked my boy what his favorite bit of the holiday was, he said it was playing with his mate online on Fortnite. He could have done this at home!

As a result, this particular quote resonates with me:

“Good thing we spent thousands of dollars traveling to another country so my kids could play their iPads in a hotel room instead of at home.”

This quote, along with a number of other similarly amusing tweets, has been collated by travel blogger your mileage may vary all outlining bad experiences when traveling with kids.

I also like the quote (but pity the other passengers):

“My kids are giving all the people on this plane a hard lesson in birth control right now.”

That said, most of us want our kids to be happy, and to achieve this nearly impossible goal, I recommend traveling to one of the best hotels in Hawaii. These all have great beaches, kids clubs and adults-only pools in case you need to escape. Or try out one of the incredibly family-orientated beach hotels in Dubai or perhaps you should just head to Universal and Disney in Orlando where you can guarantee fun?

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