Only One North American Airline Offers a Delicious Domestic Inflight Meal


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If you were disappointed by the tasteless inflight meal on your last domestic flight, I have good news for you.

While we recently recommended a specific inflight meal which you should order before your next American Airlines flight, American Airlines is not the airline to pick if you want the best inflight meal. Surprisingly, neither is Delta.

The winner for the most delicious domestic inflight meal goes to Alaska Airlines. Thought leader in travel, Gary from View From The Wing describes the bulgogi chicken he was served on Alaska Airlines last summer as “excellent and even a bit spicy”.

Last week he was “blown away by the meal”. “For dinner, there was a choice of tortellini or chicken… I was shocked by how juicy it was, and perfectly seasoned, and again nicely presented… I cannot remember the last time I said that about a meal on a domestic flight.”

According to Gary, Alaska had friendly flight attendants in both directions of his flight. You can take a look at his meals here.

The result of this good service and remarkably acceptable domestic food is that many travellers feel that Alaska is the best airline in North America. We recently flew American Airlines on an ERJ190 and A321. Our snacks were basic when compared to Alaska Airlines.

The picture above was our latest airline meal on British Airways in Club Europe which is our British equivalent to Domestic First around Europe. You may be surprised at the seats that we tolerate on our Club Europe flights. The food is pleasant, but the leg room is a joke.

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