If You Take This Article Seriously, You Will Never Fly On A Dreamliner


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If you are concerned about the safety of flying in B737 MAX jets, you will be deeply concerned by a recent article released in the New York Times, outlining shoddy production that threatens to compromise the safety of Boeing’s Dreamliners.

According to the New York Times, manufacturing delays caused Boeing to pushed its workforce to quickly turn out Dreamliners, at times ignoring issues raised by employees.

Issues mentioned included finding debris dangerously close to wiring beneath cockpits and faulty parts being installed in planes. You can read the full story on the New York Times website.

One Boeing technician concluded “I’ve told my wife that I never plan to fly on it…It’s just a safety issue.”

Should Passengers Take This Seriously?

I’m not an airline safety expert, I am simply a concerned passenger that previously believed in the integrity of Boeing and Airbus. I believed that the safety of passengers always came first.

Following the B737 MAX accidents, I feel that my loyalty and confidence were misplaced. I now believe that certain companies put profit above everything else. It seems to showcase capitalism going wrong.

I used to feel safer on a Boeing plane than an Airbus aircraft. Times have changed. I now believe, following this evidence and also the recent crashes, that Airbus planes are safer. This is only my opinion, and many would disagree, but I am planning my trips as a consequence of these beliefs. I am choosing to fly on Airbus planes and I will actively be avoiding the Dreamliner, even the British Airways Dreamliner along with the the B737 MAX (when it takes to the skies once again).

I am not an expert, I am a passenger that wants to stay alive and my opinions may or may not be valid. Certainly, the Dreamliner has not fallen out of the sky like the B737 MAX, but the evidence revealed above makes me feel uneasy.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.

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