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Dubai Airport Accidentally Broke A Plane When Water Cannon Salute Went Wrong


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Over 55,000 people have watched this water cannon salute go dreadfully wrong. A plane with doors falling in and emergency slides deploying doesn’t yet have the following of a superstar, but it is a fun piece of airline news none-the-less.

The location for the incident was Dubai airport. Officials at the airport thoughtfully tried to put together a water cannon salute to an arriving Saudia Airlines flight in celebration of Saudi Arabia’s 88th birthday last year.

But it went very very wrong, and as so often nowadays, it was caught on camera.

What actually happened was that two fire engines began spraying jets of water to form an arch over the plane, then, one of the fire engines malfunctioned, and a high-pressure stream of water was “suddenly sprayed upwards and then downwards” before hitting the aircraft, according to the recently released accident report by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

This caused one of the plane’s emergency doors to fall open and into the cabin, automatically deploying the emergency slide. This also slightly injured a nearby passenger.

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