Civilian Ejects Through Roof Of Plane In Considerable Pain


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Recently, there has been a spate of aviation fanatics with a need for speed who have paid to experience a flight in a fighter jet. In fact, any civilian can pay to fly with military pilots in their planes for a birthday treat or just for the hell of it.

If you can afford it, the ultimate trip is a flight in a MIG-29 to the edge of space where you do “Insane Aerobatics and Flight to the Stratosphere.” The only supersonic jet flight experience worldwide costs from 12,500 Euros, although there are cheaper alternatives on less exciting military planes.

It didn’t end well for one 64-year-old man who treated himself to a ride as a passenger in a French Rafale fighter jet last month. His ejection seat triggered by accident on this Rafale B fighter jet, which took off from Saint-Dizier airbase in late March. The man shot through the roof of the jet before descending back to the ground via parachute and was quickly taken to a local hospital.

While this poor man’s experience ended far too soon and in considerable pain, he thankfully only apparently hurt his back. The pilot managed to return the plane to the airbase and landed safely, suffering cuts on his hands due to glass from the canopy being shattered.

While these trips may seem exciting in principle, are they worth the risk? The MIG-29 supersonic jet flight experience is run out of Russia, a country which doesn’t have a great reputation for aviation safety.

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