American Airlines Takes Five Surprising Decisions To Improve Its Flights


It may surprise you to know that American Airlines is planning to invest in improving their inflight passenger experience.

This follows American’s numerous cost-cutting measures including densifying cabins, reducing inflight food and downsizing their already small toilet cubicles. Thankfully, they are now listening, at least to their premium passengers and are taking steps to improve their inflight experience.

This improvement is largely for their most lucrative first domestic and business class passengers, but they are improvements nonetheless:

1. Domestic First Seat Padding

Domestic first class seats are going to be improved so that they are more comfortable, they are going to be more padded. This is great as American Airlines domestic isn’t great.

2. International Wi-Fi

They are planning to improve their international Wi-Fi, similar to the improvements they’ve made domestically.

3. Business Class Dividers

American is going to install functional dividers between the centre seats in its long-haul business class to improve passenger privacy. They specifically ordered and installed Super Diamond business class seats without dividers, which means that the center seat has no privacy, making it very difficult to feel comfortable enough to sleep. It is these seats they will initially focus on improving.

4. Domestic First Seat Underseat Storage

They will offer more under-seat storage.

5. Domestic First Seat Charging & Tablet Holders

They are adding USB and tablet holders to the seatback.

Don’t believe me? I heard it here:

There have been rumours on View From The Wing, that American Airlines may also, retrospectively improve their new economy product too, but according to Jon, “that didn’t pan out”:

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