AirHelp Survey Shows American As Second Best Airline In The World (NO Joke!)


Passengers have a love-hate relationship with American Airlines, with a general skew towards the hate. Yet AirHelp has released a survey that lists American Airlines as the second-best airline in the entire world.

While there are many airline and points and miles bloggers that would vehemently disagree with this position, some have numerous reasons not to fly American, American’s high-level execs seem more than happy to accept their bonuses related to the airline’s stellar performance (Ahem).

Before you gasp at American’s number two position, I will explain more. This survey is related to airlines honoring flight compensation, as well as the quality of their product. In the EU, airlines have to provide significant delay compensation to passengers on flights departing from European Union countries and flights on EU airlines headed to the EU. That’s because of EU regulation 261.

If your flight is departing from a country in the European Union, airlines are required to compensate passengers between €250 EUR and €600 EUR cash for flight delays of over 3 hours, for cancellations, and for involuntary denied boardings due to overbooking.

The amount depends on the distance of the flight. This policy also applies to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, and to award tickets, not just paid tickets.

However, not all airlines pay what passengers are owed. If an airline denies your claim, there are companies that will fight with the airline on your behalf for a percentage of your compensation. AirHelp is one of these companies and they rank airlines based on a number of factors including quality, and how good the airline is at honoring compensation claims.

They’ve named Qatar Airways the best airline in the world. The second best is American Airlines and the third best is Aeromexico.

These ratings are based on service quality and a willingness to pay up. EasyJet, Ryanair, Air Transat, and Eurowings are listed as having the worst airline service in the world. I can certainly vouch that flying Easyjet is not a pleasant experience, as I flew with them last summer and I reviewed my delayed flight. Ryanair is no surprise either, there are so many reasons not to fly on Ryanair, not least to avoid bleeding from your ears!

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