10 Essential Travel Items That You’ll Be Gutted You Didn’t Take With You


Have you ever arrived in your hotel room, only to find that you’ve forgotten something you can’t live without? Well, your troubles are over as we nail down some essentials which you simply cannot afford to forget on your next trip away.

1. Travel Adapters

Assuming you don’t forget your laptop, iPhone, iPad (or another non-Apple equivalent) along with their charging leads, remember to pop your travel adapter in your case too if you are travelling internationally. Not being able to charge up is a disaster. Also, remember to put your charging lead in your hand luggage so that you can plug in at the airport, but for goodness sakes don’t plug your device into one of these. The shame!

2. Medications

It goes without saying but remember to take ALL your medications, plus some pain killers, mosquito repellant etc. You know what you need, just remember to pack them too, along with your toothbrush.

3. Items To Make Your Journey Comfortable

This means compression flight socks, please do this for me, you don’t want a blood clot to develop on your next flight. Travel pillows, blankets and an extra jumper are also essential in case the plane is cold. Make sure you do the same for your family. I take this nifty all-in-one travel collection from Volprive, which includes an merino wool blanket, a memory foam pillow with matching merino wool cover, and a meditation relaxation mask with adjustable eyeshade made of merino wool and bamboo. It’s all washable, so I use it trip after trip. I prefer to use my own blanket over the rather thin blankets airlines supply. Sometimes I use both!

4. Things That You Might Forget To Pack

If you don’t use them every day, you might forget to pack the following: sunglasses, swimwear, shoes for evening and for daywear and your favourite jewellery. Also on my “essentials” list is my son’s scooter that we once forgot to pack. He won’t do distances on foot without it and unbelievably, my husband has forgotten his coat on more than one occasion, so don’t forget that either.

5. Fragrance

Fragrance is so essential for a great trip away. Dousing yourself in your signature smell before going out is both comforting and invigorating. I like Molton Brown’s Geranium range which is particularly fresh and summery.

6. Makeup

If you want to look good, you need a decent foundation, eye makeup and lipstick that doesn’t drip or rub off your face in the sunshine. My current favourite is Decorte who have a specialist selection of excellent cosmetics, idea for taking away on holiday.

7. Grooming

Thankfully, most luxury hotels will supply you with a basic BIC razer if you forget it and don’t want to be hairy. I find the basic BIC rips and cuts my skin, so I much prefer to bring my own grooming items. My husband takes the Murdock Great Bearded Expectations travel kit with him which fragrances him and keeps him looking refined.

8. Snacks

Rather than raiding the overpriced minibar, I always pack enough snacks in my case to get me through the first 24 hours. You never know when you might be hungry.

9. Teddy

Now that would be sad, wouldn’t it? My son left his teddy at home by accident on our last trip away (follow our Instagram to see where we’ve been) and was very sad at bedtime. Whatever your age, don’t forget your toys!

10. You Need These

You can do without most things if you have up-to-date travel insurance, money and your passport. You can pick up everything you have forgotten at your destination, even though the cost of swimwear and clothes can be eye-watering at resorts.

But you cannot under any circumstance afford to travel without your passport (assuming you are travelling internationally) your money and adequate travel insurance. I would argue that a mobile phone is also essential in case you need to contact friends or relatives is also essential, and don’t loose your house and car keys. But as long as you have money, passport insurance, that is really all you need.

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