Which Has The Best Domestic Internet? American Airlines Vs Delta Vs United

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American is rolling out the internet at a decent speed across its domestic fleet similar to Delta. United has internet but it rarely works according to Gary View From The Wing. This means that, for 2019, American Airlines and Delta have the best domestic internet with United falling behind.

1. American Airlines Wi-Fi

On American Domestic Wi-Fi is now available on nearly all of their U.S. flights. Wi-Fi may be purchased prior to your flight by visiting aa.com/wifi or you may purchase once onboard. International Wi-Fi is available on all Boeing 777-300ER flights.

Wi-Fi is available on almost all routes for as little as $10 USD. Or you can join a pay monthly plan if you are a frequent flyer. Join the Monthly American Airlines Plan for $49.95 USD a month (plus tax). This will give you Wi-Fi access to Gogo and Viasat whenever you fly domestically in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico on Wi-Fi equipped flights, where network coverage is available.

Panasonic Wi-Fi services are not included in the Monthly American Airlines Plan.

2. Delta Airlines Wi-Fi

With more than 1,100 aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi, Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s largest providers of inflight Internet. The fleet’s Wi-Fi is powered by Gogo and is offered on nearly all Delta flights. Both allow unlimited Wi-Fi access to Gogo Wi-Fi when traveling on domestic flights.

Delta offers a number of passes which can be found here.

3. United Airlines Wi-Fi

United has fitted almost all of its aircraft with Wi-Fi capability. Make sure you check United’s Wi-Fi coverage map before your international flights. Within the continental U.S., Wi-Fi is limited to flights on United’s Boeing 737 aircraft and some of their Boeing 757-300s. United Airlines uses four different WiFi coverage providers:

  • Gogo Wireless for flights using Embraer 170, Embraer 175, Bombardier CRJ-700, and some Boeing 757-200 aircraft
  • Panasonic for flights using Airbus 319, Airbus 320, some Boeing 757-200 and 757-300, and Boeing 767-300ER & 400ER, 777-200, 200ER & 300 ER, and 787-8&9 aircraft
  • Thales for flights using 737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 737-900ER, and some 757-300 aircraft
  • Viasat for flights on Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft

You can always confirm during booking which kind of airplane your flight is on, so you’ll know which wireless service you’ll be using.

Single-flight WiFi option pricing varies widely based on the duration of your flight and which provider you happen to be using. Generally expect to pay between $7 USD and $14 USD dollars for a one-hour pass, and between $19 USD and $29 USD for a full-day pass.

United offers subscription plans for frequent fliers, offering unlimited access. In North and Central America this costs $49 USD/month or $539 USD for the year. Globally you pay $69 USD/month of $689 USD for the year.

You can also use your miles to purchase the subscription plans. A year of global coverage costs 100,000 miles, with a year of North and Central America access going for 80,000 miles. Monthly plans cost 7,500 and 10,500 miles, respectively.

4. British Airways

Using British Airways as an example, BA initially first announced wifi in 2016, to complete in 2019. They’ve installed wifi has been extremely impressive:

  • According to The Points Guy:14 of 17 Boeing 747-400s (out of a total of 36) have wifi
  • 28 of 43 Boeing 777-200s (out of a total of 46) have wifi
  • 6 out of 12 Boeing 777-300s (out of a total of 12) have wifi
  • 2 of 12 Airbus A380s (out of a total of 12) have wifi

British Airways won’t be installing wifi on all long-haul aircraft since some will be retired sooner rather than later. For example, British Airways has installed wifi on 14 of the 17 747s that will get wifi, while there are a total of 36 so 19 won’t get wifi.

Short-haul aircraft will also eventually get wifi, though none of them are equipped with wifi yet.

It’s hard to know for sure if your flight will have wifi unless you’re on a plane type where NONE has wi-fi such as their 787s, so if you’re on a 787 you know you won’t have it. As a percentage of a given plane type with wifi. Your best chance is on the 777-200, followed by the 777-300, followed by the 747, followed by the A380.

And the cost on BA? pricing is 1 hour: £4.99 GBP, 4 hours: £10.99 GBP, Full flight: £14.99 GBP.

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