United Airlines Secretly Cuts Meal Service


United is streamlining their business class meal service on late night departures from Washington Dulles. The meal will all be served on the same tray with salad and appetizer together with the dessert afterwards. This will speed up the meal service for people who want to sleep, and does make sense.

The reality, according to View From The Wing, is that they are not just streamlining the evening meal service, but they are cutting from this and the breakfast service.

What will you miss?

There are no longer any petit fours with the evening meal.
And no cheese plate option.
More importantly: they will no longer serve a hot breakfast prior to arrival. It will be served cold as there is one less flight attendant on board these flights than before, and heating up a breakfast more flight attendant takes time.

Once a Polaris lounge (which tend to be decent) opens at Washington Dulles, passengers would be wise to fill up pre-flight.

United’s “enhancement”, particularly this breakfast enhancement (there is a limit on what can be offered cold), will undoubtedly encourage travellers to fly with an alternative airline or even fly, gulp, in Economy/Coach. If the food is lacking, there is less of an incentive to pay the premium for Business Class.

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