President Trump Suggests Renaming the 737 MAX

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Although we don’t know the exact date when the Boeing 737 MAX will be allowed to fly again, when it does, there will undoubtedly be some anti-MAX, justified or not. I will certainly not be choosing to fly on a 737 MAX.

President Trump says that the 737 MAX has a branding problem, and he’s right. Many people will be deeply concerned about flying on it when it returns to service. His advice to Boeing is “Fix it and then rename the plane”.

President Donald Trump is undoubtedly an expert at marketing his own brand, so his advice is worth listening to.

Will it work?

If the plane is renamed, will passengers be happier to fly the 737MAX, and will they forget about the crashes? My gut says that only time and proof that the plane is airworthy will reassure passengers destined to fly this jet. For now, flyers are rightfully uneasy about getting on this type of plane.

One comment I read online said
“It’s not a branding problem, it’s a crashing, and everyone dies problem.”
HT: View From The Wing

To an extent, this comment is right. If the problem is fixed and the plane is renamed, and it then has a few years worth of safe flying.. people will fly in it again without fear. President Trump is surely correct that renaming should be part of this process.

Until then, flying on this plane is a frightening prospect (at least for me), whatever its name is. I would not want to be a staff member at the American Airlines or Southwest boarding gate when an unscheduled MAX jet rolls up… Until I have seen solid evidence that this plane is now safe, I will not be boarding.

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