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No Salary, No Money, No Sleep: Jet Airways Flight Crew Weep


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The collapse of Jet Airways has had so many dreadful consequences. In an effort to showcase the plight of Jet Airways employees, around a hundred people, including uniformed Jet Airways pilots, took to the streets on Thursday in New Delhi to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene.

“Jet Airways is very important to the economy,” said Rajesh Handa to South China Morning Post. Rajesh was a pilot with Jet Airways for 18 years. “We request the prime minister to come out and help us – not just us but the economy of the country.”

Jet Airways had 23,000 employees, meaning that there are many, many families are completely dependent on this airline, that have no way to earn wages and pay for their children’s education.

Jet Airways’ profitability was slowly broken down by low-cost competitors, who forced base fares down to as low as 2 cents. The result has been bad for everyone in India and since then, cost of flying to Delhi has soared by as much as 30 per cent.

Jet Airways is the seventh Indian airline to terminate operations in the last five years. With the airline unable to pay for fuel it looks unlikely that there will be a happy ending for this airline.

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