Mistake Fare: £18 Flight (Was £271)


Damn, why don’t British Airways mess up their fares more often? If this was London (LHR) to Nice (NCE) I would book 30 tickets straight away!

This mistaken fare is definitely still available as of the time of this article’s publication, just before 7:00 am UK time. It is for flights in a comparatively remote part of the world. Arusha to the heart of the Serengeti, great for a safari or quick visit to the park.

The Airline is Barents AirLink (I haven’t heard of them either) and the price is £18 GBP return, compared to the usual price of £271 GBP, £18 GBP is a fraction of what you would expect to pay for this route!

Outbound Sample we took was 2019-07-15, inbound Sample: 2019-07-22 and it works both ways. Book the fare on this link.

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