Flight Attendant In Hospital After Deadly Infection Spreads Onboard


There is currently a measles outbreak in Israel, a disease that can be fatal. Over 3,400 people have been infected with measles since March 2018, according to Israel’s Ministry of Health.

This unfortunate outbreak is likely to be linked to the illness of a flight attendant on a recent El Al Airlines flight. The attendant in question has reportedly been hospitalized after being infected with measles boarded a flight from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 26, according to Times of Israel.

The flight attendant, who was apparently vaccinated, contracted measles and is in serious condition. Israel’s Ministry of Health confirmed that a measles patient was onboard El Al flight 002, which departed from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

All passengers have been cautioned to notify doctors about their exposure to measles especially if they develop a fever.

Frighteningly, measles, which is spread by coughs or sneezes, is so contagious that 90% of non-immune individuals who get close to an infected person are also likely to become infected, according to the CDC.

There are also ongoing measles outbreaks in America, in New York State, New York City, and New Jersey thought to be related to travelers bringing measles back from Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the number of people avoiding the MMR vaccine has meant that cases of measles have massively increased around the world. It would seem wise, given the evidence and the severity of the disease, to get the MMR vaccine if you haven’t already had it, particularly if you are a frequent traveler.

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