Every American Airlines Passenger Should Order This Before Their Flight


If you are flying American Airlines domestic first class, most experts recommend pre-ordering your meal up to 24 hours prior to departure, to get something a bit better than the usual.

Since launching a partnership with Zoës Kitchen, American Airlines has introduced an excellent pre-order charcuterie plate. This is not a masterpiece in fine dining, but it is a much better option than the regular options if you like the contents of the tray. You can see the domestic first charcuterie plate here, or find out what you get if you are flying international first or international business class.

Reports on flavours are generally good with a thumbs up for the nuts in particular. If you are flying in domestic first and even slightly enjoy the contents of this tray, this is the meal you should pre-order.

Apparently American recently admitted that premium revenue is slipping according to Inc so any improvement in the First offering, will be welcomed by passengers and may just stem the leak of American’s domestic first passengers to Delta.

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