Don’t Eat These Foods Before Your Next Flight!


Although many airlines specialize in amazing food for their Business and First Class passengers, did you know that you shouldn’t eat it?

According to the CIA, to beat jet-lag, you must avoid carbs, caffeine, alcohol and basically everything but water when you fly. Even a little snack can ruin everything. In fact, you can go one step further by feasting and fasting a whole 3 days before your flight to beat jet lag. Apparently, it really works!

If you can’t bear to do this, there ARE certain, specific foods that you should definitely avoid before flying:

  • Beans and other foods that generate gas (sprouts, broccoli, etc) and might cause bloating and discomfort when the cabin pressure reduces
  • Spicy foods for the same reason as above. Have compassion for your fellow flyers and keep that cabin fresh
  • Food high in trans fats which may cause fluid retention, so your feet and hands might swell during flights
  • Keep drinking and keep moving on board, to avoid deep vein thrombosis. Stand up from time to time and whatever you do, avoid caffeine-based dehydrating drinks like tea that will make you less, not more hydrated

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