Disturbing News For Southwest & American Airlines Passengers


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An Amerian Airlines flight almost crashed last week. Shocking. A formal investigation has been launched as a result. This is yet another disturbing incident which reminds us that although flying is meant to be one of the safest modes of transport, it isn’t always 100% safe.

Even if you avoid the B737 MAX these disturbing incidents continue and this wasn’t the only bad news of the week. Bloomberg has reported that there may be a further problem with the Max related to the plane’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) and the fact that pilots had not been trained to understand the system properly or the malfunctioning sensors.

There has also been news that some American and Southwest Max planes are being inspected for potential engine problems related to a possible carbon buildup around the engines’ fuel nozzles. Three American Airlines planes and twelve at Southwest have been examined.

Even given these two complications, the Federal Aviation Administration says that once the software changes to the MCAS have been made, the B737 MAX planes will be “operationally suitable” and pilots won’t need much additional training. The next step is to get them back in the skies.

I know I should trust authority, they know better than me, right? And yet I am disturbed by all these incidents. Although I’m still flying, I am avoiding the B737 MAX and sticking to British Airways A319 & A320s around Europe for now.

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