Dirty Airline Secrets: The Cabin Crew Forced To Sell Used Tights Due To Low Wages


It’s perhaps the biggest disgrace of the airline industry. The once idolised and glamorous job of being a member of cabin crew is extremely badly paid.

In fact, according to BristolLive, crew members are selling their unwashed uniforms on eBay, to make money.

Even though the cabin crew are the face of the airline, a Norwegian Airlines cabin crew member who spoke to
BristolLive spoke to says “appallingly low” salaries means that staff are selling clothes to “strange” buyers.

He says he never wanted to sell to “role play evening people”, but he is now considering doing so because he is struggling to live on his wage. After being made redundant in 2015, he joined Norwegian Airlines and now earns just £1,200 GBP a month. “An awful lot of crew I am flying with have been reduced to selling uniform,” he said.

The air steward revealed the most he has ever sold an outfit for was £1,600 GBP. “People think we have a glamorous life going around the world. I don’t think people realise we are reduced to selling our used crew shoes to make ends meet.”

This air steward is employed by Norwegian Airlines, but eBay is filled with tights, name badges and complete uniforms from most major airlines, with the footwear often advertised as ‘well-worn’.

The flight attendant pictured above is not the flight attendant in question.

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