It Gets Worse: American Airlines ‘Roll’ During Takeoff Almost Caused Fatal Crash


Following the B737 MAX issues, an American Airlines flight almost crashed after an ‘uncommanded roll’ during takeoff from JFK which caused the plane wing to scrape along the ground. The Airbus 321 was thought to have “struck an object upon departure”

“We were banking, uncontrolled bank 45 degrees to the left,” a pilot could be heard saying on the air traffic control audio of the incident.

“Turbulence from another aircraft?”

“I don’t think so. There’s a good cross wind but we had an uncommanded roll to the left as we rotated,” he responded.

The object that was hit was said to be a sign and a source said that the plane was “as close as anybody would ever want to come to crashing”, a truly terrifying scenario and a much worse sitation than original reports suggested. The damage looked pretty bad too:

Flight 300 flew for more than 20 minutes before it circled back to the gate. It landed safely, shortly after 9:00 pm on April 10. Frighteningly, following this incident, you could see the burn mark in the ground where the wing scraped the surface.

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