American Airlines Makes Seven Serious Mistakes

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American Airlines management always seems to be looking for a new way to cut corners and make savings to the detriment of its poor passengers. Following on from their beef jerky disappointment, according to View From The Wing, internal documents have revealed new catering cutbacks on American Airlines.

The Cuts

Beef filet is being exchanged for short rib in domestic First.
Garnishes are being 86’d from entree salads, mezza plates, and dinner protein choices
Bread will come pre-bagged rather than being fresh.
Hong Kong international First flights will lose an appetizer choice (2 choices instead of 3).
Long haul economy second meal service, usually a breakfast box or a tray meal, is being replaced by a breakfast bag containing yogurt, low sugar granola, and a blueberry fig bar.
Atlas tray liners will have a small margin of additional uncovered space around the edges when used on AA Standard trays.
Fewer champagne glasses will be carried in international first class.

Is this incentivizing loyalty? We think this level of nickel and diming is a mistake.

You can read our latest American Airlines flight reviews in International First to see what we think.

Currently, American International Business is still better than British Airways but with the new British Airways Business Class seats, BA is warming up in the aisles, and there will be even fewer reasons to fly American transatlantic.

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