Revealed: Why American Airlines Never Has Enough Food In Coach


A week ago, American Airlines shared some interesting facts and reasons why their service sometimes falls short. These reasons were revealed to its employees according to View From The Wing.

The subject that caught my eye was an explanation on why there is never enough food in coach, why they run out, even when passengers are paying for this food! One would imagine that American makes money out of selling food onboard. Isn’t that the point of charging for it? And yet, they run out! Ludicrous!

Now we know why. Apparently, American Airlines accounts for only about half of the food onboard in economy. They determine to provision based on what flight attendants report as sold, which is only ever about half the food onboard. They continue to say that:

“Today we can only account for an average of 50% of the product we board on flights.”

For example, if they board 10 sandwiches and only 5 show as sold, they assume the lower number is the actual number required for future flights, even though flight attendants keep running out of food and sandwich choices on board!

In good news, the attendants ARE allowed to give you your drink AND the can if you ask. They pour you a cup but they aren’t forbidden from giving you the can. Who knew!

It is not only those flying in Coach who suffer. Find out why American ran out of snacks in First Class too.

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