Pipadouro: Vintage, Luxury Wine Cruises in The Douro Valley, Portugal


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There’s nothing quite like the succulent, juicy taste of your favourite wine that can transport you to a special, memorable place in time. Wine has become a deliciously classic past time, which can be enjoyed and shared amongst friends and family, over a mouth watering glass, or two! That’s exactly what Pipadouro do: bring people together, to experience the class and luxury that wine has to offer, whilst on a relaxing and unforgettable river cruise.

Set in the beautiful Douro Valley in Northern Portugal, Pipadouro’s Vintage Wine Travel began in 2007, with a mission of “Quality as Excellence” in wine tourism and gastronomy. They have created a range of magical, luxury river cruises with a high quality service in ‘Gentleman’s Vintage Boats’ that embrace the charm of the 50‘s and 60‘s and can host up to 12 guests.

There are two boats that guests can set sail on: Friendship I and Pipadouro II. Friendship I is a gorgeous, classic Wooden Yacht built in Southern England in 1957 and known to have served the Royal Navy. In 2007 it was renewed and restored, whilst retaining its 50’s structural originality. The beautiful Pipadouro II from 1967, was known to have been drawn by American brand Chris-Craft, and built in wood in Lisbon, Portugal. Both boats have up to date security systems, and air conditioning for safe and comfortable travel, with the added glamour from both the 50’s and 60s.

Guests can shout ahoy, whilst they cruise along the Douro River, which crosses the oldest Wine Demarcation in the World. The Douro Valley Region has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been divided into three ‘zones’ “Baixo-Corgo”, “Cima-Corgo”, and “Douro Superior.” The Douro River is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, and begins in Northern Spain’s breath taking, and luscious Cantabrian Mountains, in Serra de Urbión, which flows through Central Spain, Portugal and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Douro region supplies fine, rich, unfortified wines, both red and white. The Douro has a huge selection of grape varieties, found in the impressive vineyards, which guests can fall in love with. There is a wine to fit all tastes, and some of the best that you will come across during your cruise with Pipadouro are spectacular, high quality, delicious wines from Quinta do Crasto, Real Companhia Velha and Lima & Smith.

Pipadouro offers a wide range of both classic, scheduled and entirely bespoke cruises fulfilling the preferences and needs of their clients. From delightful overnight stays, the nature lover’s wild vintage travel programme, and dinner and lunch on board, Pipadouro have created an impeccable service with you in mind. The Vintage Bed & Breakfast is the ideal programme for those looking for an indulgent overnight stay, with a delicious buffet breakfast the next day. Guests can enjoy the scrumptious options of fresh juices, and croissants, whilst overlooking the gorgeous river views. Hop on board the ‘Douro Superior’ programme, a memorable trip from the mouth of Pinhão River to the stunning riverside population of Senhora da Ribeira. The Dorou Superior takes place on board of the gorgeous Friendship I, and includes the wonderful experience of passing through a dock as well as viewing the most breathtaking landscapes full of stunning vineyards.

Our personal favourite is the ‘One Day in Douro’ cruise which provides a truly lavish, and memorable day. The tour involves welcome drinks and snacks, followed by a 2-hour cruise along the River Douro with a 3-course lunch accompanied by selected fine red and white wines, vintage port and tea or coffee at Quinta do Crasto as well as a visit to one of the three emblematic Douro Wine Estates. After lunch you will majestically sail home.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable and charming wine experience in this stunning part of the world, then choose the class and service of Pipadouro’s Vintage Luxury Wine Cruises.

Pipadouro: Vintage, Luxury Wine Cruises in The Douro Valley

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