Is Something Very Wrong With American Airlines Boeing 737s?


American Airlines has grounded 14 American Airlines Boeing 737-800s. These are planes that have had interiors replaced and now have new, thinner seats and their cabins have been densified, which means more seats have been squeezed on-board. Even the toilets are smaller than they used to be!

Apparently, “an issue” was found with two of these modified planes, so all similarly-modified aircraft needed to be inspected, which means the planes have been grounded. The issue appears to be regarding some faulty work related to overhead bins, although American has not been clear about the exact problem. Apparently the issue “did not impact the safety of flight of these aircraft” but was serious enough to take them out of circulation.

What I can tell you is, that regardless of this unclear fault, if you are a passenger or frequent flyer and you get to fly on the densified American Airlines planes, you will discover an inferior product when compared to, say, Delta.

The chances are, if you are not flying on points and you have an alternative airline option, then you will not choose to rebook on American Airlines over and over again. The space and product are so much worse than most competitors.

If you do continue to fly on refurbished 737’s with ultra-dense cabins, do not expect your experience to get better and do not expect luxury. It was Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

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