Is The B737 MAX Unsafe & What Happens Next In America?


The Ethiopian airlines crash this week was terrible. I would not have flown on these B737MAX planes due to the first crash, let alone the second. Even before the grounding of these planes, we had been busy recommending that readers and friends avoid this plane.

According to the Telegraph, this Ethiopian plane was new. The Planespotters civil aviation database shows that the Boeing 737-8 MAX was delivered to Ethiopian Airlines in mid-November.

The Boeing 737-8 MAX IS the same type of plane as the Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea last October, 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital killing all 189 people on board. What more evidence do you need? So it was thrilling when these planes were grounded.

What Happens Next

These planes have been grounded temporarily across the globe, but this is costing the airlines, so Boeing needs to come up with answers, fast.

Does the Boeing 737 MAX have a design flaw?

According to The Luxury Travel Expert:

“The MCAS software is the focus of attention. Although many experts caution that any conclusions are far from certain and other possibilities cannot be ruled out (e.g., pilot error, another technical defect), it is feared that the newly installed software system MCAS may have contributed to both Boeing 737 MAX disasters, which would be a devastating blow to Boeing. It is expected that Boeing will change some things about the MCAS system. Following public pressure, the FAA admitted last week that Boeing is in the process of developing flight control system changes that will “provide reduced reliance on procedures associated with required pilot memory items,” a reference to the checklist for stabilizing the plane. Memory items are things of such importance that pilots should be able to easily remember to do them in a given situation without requiring written guidance. There will be changes to how MCAS activated, how it responds to sensor input, and a “maximum command limit” on the number of times it can engage, said the FAA, adding that it expects to issue an airworthiness directive mandating the software enhancement no later than April.”

“In the past, Boeing has always declined to comment on reports that it’s working on a software update involving its MCAS system incorporated in the Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 models. Last Monday, though, after the FAA notification, it detailed its work on the software update.”

“For the past several months and in the aftermath of Lion Air Flight 610, Boeing has been developing a flight control software enhancement for the 737 MAX, designed to make an already safe aircraft even safer. This includes updates to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) flight control law, pilot displays, operation manuals, and crew training. The enhanced flight control law incorporates angle of attack (AOA) inputs, limits stabilizer trim commands in response to an erroneous angle of attack reading, and provides a limit to the stabilizer command in order to retain elevator authority.”

The 737 Max is vital to Boeing, accounting for 47% of its commercial aircraft delivery in 2018 and over 90% of its unfilled orders, as of today, so it seems that all of Boeing’s resources will be going into trying to fix this issue.

Following this “fix” Boeing 737 MAX pilot training will need to be amended to incorporate these amends and what to do in these critical situations. Read more detail about the B737 MAX tragedies on The Luxury Travel Expert.

Which American Carriers Fly The Boeing 737 Max

United, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines all fly the Max, Boeing’s newest plane. I can’t think of a better reason to choose to fly on Delta airlines with its old but reliable fleet. This way, if you are worried (justified or not), you can be sure to avoid these Boeing 737 Max planes altogether.

As of September 30, 2018, the following carriers had ordered the Boeing 737 MAX plane:

Southwest Airlines had ordered 280 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Flydubai had ordered 251 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Lion Air had ordered 201 Boeing 737 Max planes.
GECAS had ordered 175 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Air Lease Corporation had ordered 168 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Spicejet had ordered 139 Boeing 737 Max planes. Airlines
Gol Transportes Aereos had ordered 135 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Ryanair had ordered 135 Boeing 737 Max planes.
United Airlines had ordered 135 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Jet Airways had ordered 125 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Norwegian Air had ordered 110 Boeing 737 Max planes.
AerCap had ordered 100 Boeing 737 Max planes.
American Airlines had ordered 100 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Aviation Capital Group Air had ordered 100 Boeing 737 Max planes.
Vietjet Air had ordered 100 Boeing 737 Max planes.

We know these companies and airlines have also got this plane iin circulation: SMBC Aviation Capital: 91, AerCap: 85, BOC Aviation: 77, Aviation Capital Group: 70, China Development Bank: 68, Avolon: 65, Turkish Airlines: 65, TUI Group: 54, China Southern Airlines: 50, Garuda Indonesia: 50, ALAFCO: 40, Jeju Air: 40, Silk Air: 37, Ethiopian Airlines: 30, Jackson Square Aviation: 30, Korean Air: 30, Virgin Australia: 30, Air Europa: 20, Goshwak Aviation: 20, Oman Air: 20, Westjet: 20, Donghai Airlines: 15, Malaysia Airlines: 15, SunExpress: 15, Air China: 14, Air Lease Corporation: 14, China Eastern Airlines 13, Aerolinas Argentinas: 11, Aeromexico: 11, Japan Investment Advisor: 10, Xiamen Air: 9, Comair: 8, Smartwings: 8, Blue Ar: 6, Nok Air: 6, Shandong Airlines: 6, Fiji Airways: 5, Qatar Airways: 5, Shenzhen Airlines: 5, TAROM: 5, Air Niugini: 4, Royal Air Maroc: 4, Hainan Airlines: 3, Icelandair: 3, Business Jet: 2, Enter Air: 2, SkyUp Airlines: 2, 9 Air: 1, Mauritania Airlines International : 1, SCAT Airlines 1.

Following the original crash, Lion Air canceled a $22 billion USD order for the Boeing 737 Max 8. Qatar Airways followed but later decided to stay with its agreement with Boeing for the delivery of 60 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

If I Fly American Carriers, How Do I Avoid The 737 MAX

If I were flying on a domestic flight in America, for now, at least, I would choose to fly on Delta. They have an aging but reliable fleet and no B737 MAX planes.

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