How to Get Over the Jet Lag During Your International Vacations


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While international trips are exciting and offer many new experiences, there is one common drawback that hits most people during their trips, whether they are avid travelers or not, jet lag. Jet lag can hinder travelers from fully enjoying their trip. However, below are 5 tips provided by Global Travel Plus, a travel emergency assistance provider, that will help you get over that nasty jet lag, so that you can enjoy your trip as soon as you step foot on foreign soil.

Eat the right thing at the right time

Make sure you are eating three balanced meals a day and try to align those meals according to the new time zone you are in. Plus, who doesn’t like a little late-night snack anyways.

Avoid Night-Time Landing

Avoid booking flights that will arrive at night time. Try to book early daytime to daytime flights instead, this will help you stay up and be motivated to explore once you arrive at your destination.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Although it is tempting to have a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine prior to or during your flight, it is not worth it. If anything, both will keep you dehydrated and will affect your ability to sleep, thus extending your adaptation time. Instead, hydrate yourself with water and you’ll find it to be a better solution to those jet lag symptoms.

Set Your Watch

Setting your watch to the time of your destination when you first settle on the plane will allow you to mentally prepare for the time difference. Don’t do this before your flight because you could end up missing your flight the day of your trip!

Enough Sleep is Never Enough

Lastly, make sure you’re getting enough sleep before you fly. Just like eating right, sleep is always key to staying alert and getting you through your day. Some people may sleep only a few hours or not at all prior to takeoff thinking that they will sleep through the flight or because of excitement; this is a big mistake. Getting a good night’s sleep helps with the adjustment of a new time zone and will help you cope with any jet lag that you may experience after you arrive.

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