Frightening: Is Smog Air On Cruise Ships Damaging Your Heart & Lungs?


According to a recent study, the air on cruise ships is apparently ‘as polluted as smog-ridden Beijing and is a danger to health’. So much for the fresh sea air!

Researchers monitored pollution levels on decks of four different cruise ships including Carnival, Holland America and Princess Cruises and they discovered extremely polluted air ‘comparable to concentrations in polluted cities’. Frighteningly, the study warned when this air is inhaled, it could ‘damage the heart and lungs’!

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The research was carried out on behalf of campaign group by Dr Ryan David Kennedy of John Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.

Working undercover, Dr Kennedy measured the levels of particulate matter (PM) and the highest readings tended to be at the back of the ship, usually near the outdoor pools because of the way the smokestacks blows fumes towards these areas.

Kendra Ulrich, a senior shipping campaigner at, said: “This study should be a warning sign for anyone considering booking a cruise, but especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children or anyone with cardiovascular problems.”

According to the Daily Mail in this article, Cruise Lines International Association hit back at the report and said cruise ship are an ‘easy target’ when it comes to air pollution with a representative describing these “fly-by tests are completely ridiculous, inaccurate and in no way represent reality.”

It is hard to argue with the facts which appear to have been found in Kendra’s study, but I think all passengers would appreciate a more expansive and completely unbiased survey to be completed to verify these findings. That said, we covered a similar study in 2017 which also revealed similar findings. Whatever the air quality on cruise ships, I dare say that the findings in this study won’t deter avid cruisers.

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