Evacuate Immediately! The Plane Will Explode!


This is not the message you want to hear over the intercom on your next flight, but one poor set of passengers had to endure a terrifying announcement this week.

The plane was an Air China Boeing 777 which took off from Beijing and flew toward Los Angeles on Monday of this week. As the aircraft flew over Russia, a fire was detected in the cargo hold. Following a safe landing in Russia, passengers were rushed off with a flight attendant yelling:

“Evacuate Immediately! The Plane Will Explode!” as slides deployed.

The fire turned out to be a false alarm but I dare say that was little comfort to the passengers at the time who were rushed off the flight with such an alarming message being shouted at them. It is like something out of a nightmare. I panic when I’m warned of a potentially bumpy landing or mild turbulence on board. This offers a whole new level of flight terror…

The weather was so bad when the plane landed that most of the slides were unusable.

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