Disastrous Seat Changes On American Airlines


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American has recently retrofitted a large number of Boeing 737-800 planes to a new configuration, which means that if you have booked onto these planes, you may be expecting a certain seat number, but because the layout of the plane has changed, your seat will not be the one you expect!

Why is this Disasterous?

If you’ve bought a premium or Main Cabin Extra seat and won’t be in one of these premium seats anymore! If you’ve chosen an exit row seat on the old American 737, the seats on the new version of the plane these seats will not be in the exit row.

On the standard 737, exit rows are 14 and 15, but on the new version of the plane, they are rows 16 and 17 which means that you will lose your main cabin extra seat, even if you have status or have paid extra for it.

Gary, who writes View From The Wing, has been caught out by this problem on a number of occasions even though he’s an expert flyer!

You can find the specific aircraft assigned to your flight about two days prior to departure at FlightRadar24.com. And you can look up that specific aircraft at the unofficial American Airlines fleet site. The old versions of the cabin have 160 seats, the new version has 172 seats.

The disaster gets worse

One frequent flyer reports “I have had this happen… we (my family) were all sent back two rows” The disaster was the row that they had been moved to didn’t even have a window!

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