Breaking News: Another Boeing 737 Max Crashes With No Survivors


Breaking news: An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 passenger plane has just crashed shortly after take-off. None of the 149 passengers and eight crew members have survived.

Aeroplane maker Boeing has said that it is “deeply saddened” to learn of the death of all the passengers and crew on its 737 Max aeroplane.

The worrying fact is that this Boeing 737 Max aircraft is believed to be the same model of plane which crashed in Indonesia in October, killing 189.

What Does This Say About The Safety Boeing 737 Max?

Well you may be interested to hear that back in November, according to Skift, United Airlines warned their pilots to take care when flying the Boeing 737 Max 9 in case its automated systems unexpectedly cause the plane to make the aircraft dive.

The exact bulletin for the pilots was: “United Airlines is issuing this pilot bulletin to address this potential nose-down trim issue, which could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the aeroplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain,”

Obviously, this safety advice comes as a result of the fatal Lion Air crash, where an automated nose dive is thought by some to be a likely cause of the crash on October 29th killing all 189 on board.

Is Flying On A Boeing 737 Max Safe?

I wouldn’t feel safe flying on these specific jets. I am a nervous flyer at the best of times and flying on one of these planes would be torture for me. One crash is unlucky. Two crashes suggests that there is something not quite right.

Which American Carriers Fly The Boeing 737 Max 9

United, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines all fly the Max, Boeing’s newest plane. I can’t think of a better reason to choose to fly on Delta airlines with its old but reliable fleet. This way, if you are worred (justified or not) you can be sure to avoid these Boeing 737 Max planes altogether.

Please note, the above picture is of the Ethiopian B787 which I reviewed last year.

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